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Solitaire rings- a mark of simplicity and elegance

April 22, 2013

Solitaire rings are one of the most loved jewellery of a woman. Quite a desired item, it has been a symbol of deep love and also a means for winning women’s heart. Earlier these were considered only to be engagement solitaire rings, whereas now these are suitable for every occasion. As the name says it, there is only one stone attached to it. Men too prefer these rings for their spouses. It is considered to be a symbol of companionship and true eternal love. These are great gifts to surprise the loved ones as well. Whichever be the occasion, these are perfect for every occasion.

18 carat gold jewellery designs

        Image Courtesy : 18 carat gold jewellery designs
Women of all ages adore this piece of jewellery and also have a desire to possess one as well. The way these rings are worn differs from culture to culture. Since, there is only a single stone attached to the solitaire rings, the stone is usually diamond. But it also varies. Many precious or semi precious stones too are added to these rings like white engagement classic diamond rings. Some of the common precious stones attached are ruby, sapphire, emerald and many others. Platinum is the most preferred and the most popular metal to be used in the band of these rings. This is because of the shine and durability of platinum. Yellow and white gold too are used in the bands. One can buy emerald rings from online stores also.

The price of these rings usually depends on the color, cut, size as well as design of the stone as well. The stone varies in shades as well as size, and price depends on it too. The stone’s hue also determines the cost of the ring. Therefore before setting off to purchase these rings, one must have a clear insight. One must also keep in mind the preference of one’s better half as well, since one doesn’t gift these rings every now and then. Along with these rings, one can also purchase white rings for women and shop for the diamond rings at best offers.

Since, the size of the stone is an important criterion, one must select it wisely. One can buy these stylish and eye catching solitaire rings from the various online stores. One can easily pick up rings of one’s choice at an affordable price in just a few clicks. These stores bring in a great variety and collection of rings for every occasion. From traditional styles to the latest modern style, there is something for everyone. One can easily select one according to one’s choice. Shopping for these rings from a certified jewelry store is too important as these costly and one time investments. One can also go through the latest and stylish 18 carat gold jewellery designs too.



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